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Community for Cross-border Innovation

Across Asia Alliance is a platform between Startups, investors, and enterprises that want to share early-stage startups portfolio, by cross-board networking, programs, and investments,
in the Asian market, organized by PlatformLabs Pte. Ltd.

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Members of the Across Asia Alliance conduct ongoing conversations and events both online and offline. If you would like to join the online community, please apply through Sign Up below. After confirming your eligibility, we will send you an e-mail to join the Slack-based online community. If you are already a member, you can join the Slack-based community through Log In below.

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Across Asia Alliance is a platform between Startups, investors, and enterprises that want to share early-stage startups portfolio, by cross-board networking, programs, and investments,
in the Asian market


Some Startups with deep technologies or unique business models have limited growth potential because in some countries a single market cannot go beyond a niche. or simply expanding a product or service that has been validated in one country but weak in entry barriers to another will only make competitors early in the target country.

From a national policy perspective, if a company views another country by market alone, the target country seeks to protect its own company by controlling imports of products. The recent trade war between the United States and China has proved this. 

Therefore, startups that want to grow beyond the country and grow into unicorns are difficult to enter the market with their existing simple channel expansion strategies or attract investments due to their limited growth potential. As a result, most countries' startup ecosystems are inevitably co-operated, except where China, the United States, etc. have sufficient markets, technology and investors to have their own virtuous cycle. The cross-border strategy of AAA is based on the belief that each startup ecosystem can develop by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each country's startup ecosystem and exchanging complementary elements.


Our approach is to bring proven early-stage startups in each startup hub to other cities through reliable partners.

We believe that an effective way to find proven early-stage startups to enter emerging markets in Asia is through partnerships with institutions with a reputable portfolio of countries around the world. 

This is because, unlike the later stages, early stage startups and related agencies are mostly limited in their global reach because they do not have enough partners, funds and networks yet, so they need to cooperate with each other.

In particular, investment agencies need partners with a reliable network of target countries to help portfolio companies enter the global market.

Across Asia Alliance seeks to solve this problem by building a platform for trusted investment firms, large corporations, accelerators, incubators and public institutions in each city, called startup hubs.


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Accelerators, venture capitalists, and institutional investors who want to help portfolio companies enter the global market


Cross-border business and deep-tech startups that need to enter various countries beyond one country


Non-profit associations and government-affiliated organizations operating in the startup ecosystem

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